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You Know My Name, Coca-Cola? Build Loyalty With Your Own Campaign

Did you find your name on the Coca-Cola can? The company masterfully builds new brand promoters with campaigns that connect directly with each customer. Small business owners can create their own version of the #shareacoke in simple, cost-conscious ways.

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Technology and Nude Pantyhose: Time for Color Correction

The color correction process takes resources and attention – especially when trying to fix a whole industry. Google and Facebook released their diversity numbers. As expected, the companies are almost colorless. Will they fix it or will nude be the color in 2020?

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Brandishing? Watch Your Language in Salem 2014

The Cleveland Blaze: ‘A 12-year-old boy brandishing what turned out to be a replica gun died Sunday after he was shot by a …’ Another child was murdered senselessly. If … Continue reading

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My 5th Grade Math Teacher Taught Equations and To Never Stay With a Violent Man

Decades ago, a fifth grade math teacher shared her personal story with all of the girls in her class. It resonated and lasted longer than the math rules. The Ray Rice story brings it all back to focus.

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Wise Dads & Uncles: Think Long, Think Wrong

Study long, Study Wrong. Spending too much time thinking about an idea or project could lead to ineffectiveness. Making decisions requires boldness paired with vulnerability. Even if you’re wrong, it could be the right move.

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TD Bank Says Thank You with Automated Thanking Machines

TD Bank surprised its customers on Friday, July 25th with a Day of Thanks. In addition to the cash gifts shared with thousands of people, the bank set up Automated Thanking Machines which dispersed life-changing, individualized experiences.

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4 Tips to Bring the Business Power – Start with The Electric Company

“You are an average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  Jim Rohn By now you’ve heard this quote applied to many different areas in your life … Continue reading

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Brands Tweeting Badly – Gatorade Apologizes to the Heat

Gatorade jumped in the water with the Twitter tough dudes on Thursday night. The company threw serious shade on LeBron James after the Heat’s star went down with cramps. Smart brand move?

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Bringing the Beastie Boys to Market – Tips for Entrepreneurs

Every day, business owners prepare to bring their hot products to market. Chuck Eesley’s Tech Entrepreneurship course teaches that marketing a “new brand” anything requires hard work. The Beastie Boys tell a great story about launching their sound on the Madonna tour where conditions weren’t necessarily ripe for them. Find out how they won the audiences over.

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Will YOU Thrive with Your Business?

Arianna Huffington passed out from exhaustion in her office. That was the wake-up call that the Huffington Post founder needed to make a really big change. Take a serious look at your days and decide if you need to make a shift in order to find a smarter way to reach your goal.

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