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4 Tips to Bring the Business Power – Start with The Electric Company

“You are an average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  Jim Rohn

By now you’ve heard this quote applied to many different areas in your life – wealth, happiness, marital status, etc.  It seems to make common sense in most areas, but what about entrepreneurship? Here’s a question for biz owners: aside from your family, do you spend consistent, quality time with at least five people who bring the best out of you?

Inc. Magazine’s award-winning article by Jessica Bruder titled “The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship” shed light on the tough days faced by many entrepreneurs. The insightful article outlined how turbulent the mental roller coaster of business ownership is for many. Working at home often means spending the majority of your time alone, which could boost the psych price, expanding the bouts depression or anxiety for the overextended entrepreneur. How do you combat this?  Let’s go back to childhood for a reminder. Remember The Electric Company theme song? Let’s start there.


Get the right people in the boat with you.

Get the right people in the boat with you.

“We’re gonna bring you the power (you can do it)”

1. Create your own power grid. Think of the last time you left a meeting with a colleague feeling super-charged, relaxed and more confident. Add that person to your power grid. Then find more. While managing your business, you’ll run into a host professional personalities. Identify those five people who give you that boost.  Schedule a lunch or coffee with a motivator at least twice a month to help you stay encouraged.

“We’re gonna tell you the truest words that you heard anybody say”

2. Choose accountability partners. If you have a deadline or deliverable, don’t try to go it alone. Undoubtedly, another owner or professional you know is tackling something similar. A dedicated weekly check-in time with an accountability partner outside of your company or home can provide a safe space to discuss any concerns, insecurities or pressures. The keys to this peer relationship are honesty and vulnerability – no faking it.

“We’re Gonna Turn it On (do do do)”

3. Schedule “doing” sessions with colleagues.  Spending extra long hours on general project challenges may reduce your ability to think clearly. When you’ve read the same paragraph three times and still have no idea what it means, it’s time to break.  Step away from screen. Choose an activity that will replenish your power source. Pick a volunteer opportunity, provide an afternoon of mentoring or offer a quick workshop to share your your expertise. Do something with others to help lighten your spirits.

“We’re gonna light the dark of night like the brightest day in a whole new way.”

4. Find rowing partners.  An Oxford University study found that rowers who worked together not only happier, but had a higher tolerance for pain. Creating new product lines, expanding into new markets or making tough decisions about your business structure can be painful. Rather than grabbing the wall trying to feel your way through the process alone, get in the boat with friends or colleagues tackling similar issues.

After each session, researchers tested the pain tolerance of each of the athletes, finding a higher pain tolerance when the rowers worked out together. The researchers concluded that exercising with others enhances the release of the pain-suppressing (and happiness-inducing) chemicals in your brain.Exercise Increases Productivity, Robert C. Pozen Brookings Institute

Adding smart, insightful people to your power grid will help you shoulder those responsibilities without crumbling from the weight of them.

These are just four ways to begin building a network to help keep you focused and sound as you reach for your dreams. Don’t wait until you are mid-crisis to begin to create your power grid. Start today and build sustaining relationships with your five personal power boosters.

“Moving out in a new way!”



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