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Technology and Nude Pantyhose: Time for Color Correction

The color correction process takes resources and attention – especially when trying to fix a whole industry. Google and Facebook released their diversity numbers. As expected, the companies are almost colorless. Will they fix it or will nude be the color in 2020?

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Brands Tweeting Badly – Gatorade Apologizes to the Heat

Gatorade jumped in the water with the Twitter tough dudes on Thursday night. The company threw serious shade on LeBron James after the Heat’s star went down with cramps. Smart brand move?

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Bringing the Beastie Boys to Market – Tips for Entrepreneurs

Every day, business owners prepare to bring their hot products to market. Chuck Eesley’s Tech Entrepreneurship course teaches that marketing a “new brand” anything requires hard work. The Beastie Boys tell a great story about launching their sound on the Madonna tour where conditions weren’t necessarily ripe for them. Find out how they won the audiences over.

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Will YOU Thrive with Your Business?

Arianna Huffington passed out from exhaustion in her office. That was the wake-up call that the Huffington Post founder needed to make a really big change. Take a serious look at your days and decide if you need to make a shift in order to find a smarter way to reach your goal.

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Women In Business – Boys Are Missing Out On A Good Thing

Many businesswomen have had that Peggy Olson moment. It’s the moment when they’re told to basically stick to the womanly topics, albeit with the respectful, “but you’re doing a great job” sign off. The bad part about it is, the men rarely realize what a good thing they’re missing.

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3 Tips after Oprah’s View from the Top at Stanford B-School

“We came prepared,” said Amanda, the student interviewer as she sat across from media mogul Oprah Winfrey. The questions were on point during the discussion, one of the latest in “View from The Top,” a Stanford Business School series featuring well-respected leaders from a range of areas. Listen to Oprah and the audience participants.

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Does Your Book Have the Look? Sharisse Kimbro’s Book Does.

What if you wrote a book and no one opened the cover? An author’s hard work can be hidden with bad cover design. Find how out DORO and author Sharisse Kimbro created a fabulous look for her debut novel.

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Do You Sell Your Book? Brittney Pressley Does.

You wrote a book. Pages and pages are full of information or stories that you were compelled to tell in your unique style and voice. You published it yourself hoping to make readers and money.

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Will My Phone Be Smart and Mobile Again?

How do you become the “it” girl at the game party? Bring the iPhone charger. When a phone battery dies faster than it takes for an ice cream cone to melt, there’s a problem. With the battery life problems, in today’s devices, how much of a genius is that smartphone?

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Domino’s Pizza Goes From Quick to Quality to People

It takes good people to make good pizza. Domino’s Pizza began to revamp its image four years ago with a campaign based on developing a better product to build its brand. Now, the focus is on the people who work there. It’s in very good taste.

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