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Does Your Book Have the Look? Sharisse Kimbro’s Book Does.


It’s done! Authors spend months, often years, working on creating a book. From concept to publication, they are consumed with getting the content as perfect as possible. Once finished, it’s time to get it to the public. But there’s one more big, important step – the cover design.

“The only giveaway that you’re dealing with a self-published book would be if the cover were poorly designed — which, unfortunately, is too often the case.” David Carnoy, CNET, 25 Things You Need to Know

The book's design works in multiple forms.

The book’s design works in multiple forms.

Many self-published authors underestimate the importance of the cover image. How could one picture or design share all of the effort and all of the great stuff that’s in those pages? It can’t. However,  a great cover can represent that effort and encourage would-be readers to open it for the work inside.

DORO worked with author Sharisse Kimbro on the design of her cover and marketing materials for her debut novel Beyond the Broken. When the team suggested our creative brief process, she was hesitant but eventually chose to participate. When asked what worked best, here’s what she said:

The creative brief. No doubt. It singularly helped me design exactly what I wanted to communicate to my readers via the cover, which also informed my other marketing pieces, as well as the overall, general ‘theme.’ It was outside my comfort zone to complete it, but so worth the effort.”  Sharisse Kimbro, author

Sharisse at book reading with large stand alone banner.

Sharisse at book reading with large stand alone banner.

The brief process gets to the core inspiration of the book, brand or in order to give an accurate, attractive hint of what’s inside. It takes time and a little bit of digging which may seem random, but each step has a purpose. The designers refer to it to create images and materials befitting the author’s hard work.

It’s also important that the cover design work in a range places and sizes. Most book buyers aren’t running across your work on a shelf; instead many are shopping online and your cover must standout on a busy web page.  “Design your book cover to look good small. … your book has to stand out as a thumbnail image online because that’s how most people are going to come across it.” [Carnoy] The look for Beyond the Broken fit nicely online and on the bookmarks, which are great for giveaways. The final design also worked in the large banner, drawing attention at book fairs and presentations.

Marketing and promoting your book is not a simple process. New authors must be ready to go the distance. Sharisse was quite honest when asked if she would change anything about her book journey, “LOL. I don’t think there’s anything I’d necessarily change, but I would say that stamina is a key factor to making it through.”

If you need support marketing your new book or product, contact DORO today.


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