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Will My Phone Be Smart and Mobile Again?

Two evenings out this past week made me question, once again, just how smart and how mobile is my iPhone™.  Apple, Inc. recently released iOS update 7.1 and, like after each system upgrade, many articles pop up on how to extend your battery life. Most of the posts include these tips:

  1. Turn off wifi or turn off 3G/4G. (Which option works?)
  2. Turn off location services on your apps. (Now Yelp can’t tell me what’s around me.)
  3. Download new software for the 2nd time in 12 months. (Remove all the great apps and make room.)
  4. Turn off alerts. (Get the sports app but miss the clutch shot?)
  5. Remove photos and music files and use a cloud-based platform. (Don’t you need wifi to use the cloud?)
  6. Place phone in airplane mode. (Now the phone is an answering machine because every call goes straight to voicemail.)

If I follow all of these steps, doesn’t my smartphone drop its IQ?

My iPhone, like the Samsung Galaxy, Windows phone, etc., deems itself complete enough to work on the go while using some thousands of apps. They’re breaking their promise because get this – I can’t use the apps and tools when I’m actually mobile because the battery won’t hold up.

Midday Chargers.

Midday Chargers.

The device that promised to free us up to work, shop, play and communicate on the go now keeps us tethered to hotspots and airport floors. I’d venture to say that the smartphone industry has done more the bottom line of coffee shops than any good bean crop. Travelers carry extra long cords. Folks stake out the tables closest to the outlets at Starbucks™, buying a tall drip in exchange for full charge.

When I went to watch a Sweet 16 basketball game with my alumni club, I charged up my phone ahead of time because it was over an hour away on transit. I moved to airplane mode at different points because I knew the phone would be at less than 50% just halfway to the sports bar. A friend came prepared with her charger. From halftime through the end of the game, three of us anxiously took turns using it in order to have enough charge to feel safe traveling home alone.

Will I give it up? No. Another friend was there with his old Blackberry.  He wanted the pics we took but couldn’t see them. Next he wanted to call Uber but there was no app for his phone. So I’ll keep it, with all of the drama. I just won’t fool myself into believing that my phone is the smartest in the class.

LINK: CNET’s Top Smartphone Battery List

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