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Believe in Luck?

“Luck is believing you’re lucky.” Tennessee Williams

According to the Virginia Lottery, would-be winners have left over $234 million dollars on the table. That means that people spent good money to purchase tickets for the chance to win more good money, but didn’t check to see if they’d won anything. Most likely, they got the tickets and dropped them in a purse or wallet without even looking at the numbers. So that leads to a big question: Why play? Seriously. Why invest the funds if you don’t believe that you have a shot, even a long one?

If ticket buyers didn’t really believe that they had a legitimate chance to win, why would they spend $2, $5 or $10 on the quick pick when they filled up the tank? In the same vein, why begin a business if you don’t believe that you have the chance to be successful?

Spending your money and time on a new venture is never guaranteed to bear fruit. Profits are hard to come by and obstacles are sure to pop up usually at the most inopportune time. But that doesn’t mean that you fold up the business goals or forget those BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) that were basically the dream for your new company. Believing that you’ll be successful, or lucky, is critical because it’s often the only thing that compels you to open up for business in the morning. Believing that you have a shot is what makes you answer every incoming call with a little enthusiasm.

Just last week, a woman in Virginia saw that a news feature on a winning lottery ticket that was set to expire in few hours. She remembered that she’d purchased a Virginia Lottery ticket six months back. Believing that she could be the lucky one, she found the ticket and after checking the numbers, she realized that she’d won $100,000. Her husband didn’t believe her at first. Fortunately for them, she knew that she was lucky.

Now it’s your turn.

One comment on “Believe in Luck?

  1. Jenever J. Utsey


    I am looking in my purse right NOW! If I find a ticket I am giving you 10% lady! Love this piece! And I am one who buys and doesn’t check!

    Thanks for the heads up!


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