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Breaking Up with Browsers is Hard to Do

I’ve been trying to break up with my browser for months now and it hasn’t worked. Currently, I default to Firefox (or Foxy) as my go-to guy when I need to browse the Internet. Once  I realize that I need to search for something, I go straight to call up Mozilla. Sometimes, it loads right away but more and more, it’s lagging and taking its own sweet time. I’m left there waiting, and I notice the others in my menu – Safari and Chrome – just beckoning me to give them a try. Occasionally I give them a shot when I’m tired of waiting. I always go back – but I think I’m ready to shift to a new option.  Here’s why.

Shared, Stored Memories

The bookmarks and history are full of websites and pages that I’ve visited often, or even just once. Foxy seems to know what I’m looking for even when I don’t. I type a word and it autoloads previous pages or searches. So when my memory fails me, Firefox reloads what I need.

FIX: Most browsers offer the import/export option that makes it easy to move the bookmarks. There’s no guarantee that 100% of your tags and info will move easily, but most do.

Import or export your browser options.

Import or export your browser options.

My Private Parts

I’ve saved passwords and login information to literally hundreds of websites on Foxy.  In order to maintain safety, I update and amend the passwords and often save them or click the automatic log in options offered by many of the websites. When I try to move on, I very seldom remember all of the information so I go back to Firefox, sheepishly, pulling up the pages.


Chrome makes it easy to access your saved info from anywhere.

Chrome makes it easy to access your saved info from anywhere.


FIX:  Browsers are building in features that make it easier to reach your info. Chrome’s advanced syncing function allows users to access their personalized settings from any computer or device when logged in. Use the Google dashboard to customize the information that you’re comfortable syncing.


Fox Opens First

If click on a link or tag in a story that I’m reading, Firefox opens first automatically. I don’t recall giving it the key, but somewhere along the way I must have. Once it’s opened, it’s easier just to go back to the old habit.

FIX: Change your default browser. Each browser provides the option to set it as default, meaning that it opens automatically when you click a link. Be sure that you’re choosing the options that works for you.

Before you leave your browser, be sure that you’ve gone on a few dates with the new option. Play with the tabs and test the functionality to confirm that you’ll find all that you need. Once you’re comfortable just move out and move on. Remember, too, that you can still access the former link-opener when need be. Some projects require more than one, or you find that you want to test the look and layout on the different browsers. Don’t worry, you can. And remember that you’re free to choose whichever option you want.

READ: Want to read more on the benefits, pros and cons of each browser? Check out this comparison: The Web Browser Comparison Guide for the basics. 


2 comments on “Breaking Up with Browsers is Hard to Do

  1. Darrell Goodwin

    I use firefox frequently but have never found it slow. Do you have a lot of extensions weighing it down? I think this is one of the issues these days with reports of slow browsers. I’m not huge on extensions so unless it’s pretty basic, I don’t have it, and I never have an issue. I suppose if another browser operates faster with the same extensions than it might be a better idea. I wasn’t able to break up with firefox either, it’s a great go-to browser. But I use chrome here and there, and have used torch browser more and more for the easy downloading capabilities. You never have to say goodbye. We don’t have to be monogamous to just one browser.

    • doromarketing

      Thanks for the heads up on the extensions, Darrell. I’ll check and see which ones I actually need. I do have a number of extensions and perhaps some of the sites I visit just don’t play well with Firefox. I’ve noticed that it hangs up on specific sites. So maybe I’ll give Firefox another chance.

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