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Billy Joel is a legend.  As he visits Vanderbilt University, he hosts a Q&A session with eager young students.  One young man stands up, slightly nervous, and takes the audience microphone. Then he makes a big, bold request.

Michael Pollack: “My favorite song of yours is ‘New York State of Mind.’ I was very fortunate to play with Richie Cannata many times in New York City, and I was wondering if I could play it with you.”

Billy Joel: “O.K.”

What we all learn is what the student knew all along – that he was bold enough and bad enough to take full advantage of what could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance.  I was going to use the world “opportunity” but I purposely changed it. That word sounds so formal and professional. No this wasn’t a business interview or career opportunity.

This was a chance. Something the universe sets up for you, almost mystically, but certainly perfectly for you. It’s a chance. It creates a memory so life-changing that it marks time for you.  You know what it looks like because your soul whispers to you, “you’d better do this now.”

Young Michael seized it, bringing in all of the information he could to get the answer he wanted. Richie Cannata was Joel’s saxophone player. New York State of Mind is one of the star’s signature tunes. Michael was ready.

If you’ve already asked for that chance, then congrats to you. If you didn’t, just be patient. You’ll certainly hear the whisper again so be ready.

Be bold about it because the answer could very well be “Yes!”

[Video of the Vanderbilt performance by Billy Joel featuring student Michael Pollack]

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