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Have you felt like this?

One of the downsides of working at home is the tendency to slack off on the wardrobe and grooming. I’ve amped up my off-site meetings which requires that I iron, primp and actually comb my hair. No – not grab the scrunchy when somebody rings the doorbell – but put my hair in a style of some sort. I didn’t realize how comfortable I’d become in sweats and a t-shirt. The other downside of not putting on the business slacks often is that they may not fit when you try to zip them. It’s easy to let a five pound increase slide when you’re not worried about waistbands. Bottom line – it’s not a good look!

So then my next question was what do I think of my business? I’d read somewhere that a gentleman with a stay at home business would get up and dress as if he were going into an actual office. He said that he put on the professional, casual clothes he’d need to wear to work outside the home and that it made him feel like he was really operating a business. I’ve decided to try this out.

As I grow the business and plan to move into a larger space, I’ve got to be ready to represent it well on the outside. I have nothing against the casual workplace of Silicon Valley  but it doesn’t make me feel like I’ve got deadlines. I definitely don’t do the buttoned down DC look either, so I’ll land somewhere in the middle. Skirts and a cute shirt should do it.

I wonder what this will do for my business – and for my psyche. I’ll let you know once I get back into the habit. Now if I can just find that hairbrush!

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