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Life Through the Amazon Order List

The gift for my Aunt Alice I found in the        Amazon order history.

I joined Goodreads to share book lists with my fellow avid readers. As I started to fill out the requisite forms, I decided to take a peek at my past orders on to jog my memory about recent books I’ve read. Until now, I had no idea that Amazon would let me look back that far. I reviewed past purchases since 1999! In addition to the books, there were many gifts I’d sent to family and friends. Those gifts spelled out significant people and moments in my life like few other things could.

Certain items like the Speak and Spell game I sent to my niece in 2004 reminded how quickly time passes. That same niece is now 13 and determined to make her way into Stanford. The Spiderman tent I sent a nephew wouldn’t hold his attention now that he’s found basketball and video games. Now I can let them choose their own gifts, but I still send books and consider that my duty as Tee Tee Mia (that’s what they all call me.)   Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone delighted my daughter in July 1999. She’s now all grown up and chatting with me about business books on productivity and branding. Time moves on.

My purchase list also revealed just how fragile and fleeting relationships can be. In 2002, there was the Magazine Design That Works that I shipped to my friend Elizabeth who was embarking on a new journey. I haven’t spoken to her in years now and I don’t know if she ever got the venture off the ground. Also on the list was the Easy Bake Oven Set for a friend’s daughter; the friend and I drifted apart and only speak occasionally. I thought both of those friendships would be lifelong but circumstances changed that. They shifted but neither was completely lost. But there are others that were more painful.

I found the 16-CD set of James Earl Jones Reads the Bible (unabridged) I ordered for my aunt Alice Mae in 2004. She’s passed on now and I’d forgotten all about that particular gift. Finding it on the list made me happy that I’d sent it but incredibly sad that she’s not here to get a Kindle or iPad version. She would have loved having the Bible so easily accessible. I miss her terribly. I never believed that an order list could move me to tears. But I can play some of her gospel music favorites that I now download as mp3’s and feel close to her again.

My move to Dallas, Texas and adding the sports arm to my business are also chronicled in my purchases. I bought Texas Rich on the advice a very influential native Texan and ESPN Film’s 30-for-30 series that ranks 3rd on my all-time favorite sports films/sets. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me and Amazon. I’ll continue to buy the biographies of great businesswomen and men to keep me motivated. Hopefully, a few years from now I’ll be able to see personal and professional growth through the order list. Maybe my own book will be on the list someday. Check back later.

5 comments on “Life Through the Amazon Order List

  1. TanyaDx

    Great observation! I have never thought about previous purchase lists like that. Now I gotta go back thru Amazon and the like. Wonder how far back Ebay goes….and Paypal!

  2. Sharisse

    How interesting! I too, never thought about the ways in which one’s order history can say so much about one’s journey…

  3. Sherrod Blankner

    Nice article. Makes me want to get on amazon and send you something Mia!

  4. Gina Maria

    Is that where you purchased my beautiful card? Nice read:)

  5. Cynthia Nwajei

    I didn’t know you could look back on your order history. I’m going to look at my past purchases.

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