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Getting Through the GUDays!

The Good Day: There’s a day when everything just falls into place. You wake up ahead of your alarm clock, refreshed and renewed. The coffee is splendid. The outfit you picked out the night before buttons and belts perfectly.  At your desk, you manage every issue in front of you with a cool confidence.

No matter what!

 The Bad Day:  This day starts off badly. You wake up with a heavy feeling knowing that your body needs more of something – sleep, food, love, exercise – just something. Nothing fits. The zipper on your favorite pants breaks and you hit traffic. By the time you hit the office you’re already behind schedule. You plow through and watch the clock until it hits the acceptable hour to go home. But you still get work done and believe that tomorrow can be a good day.

The GUDay: It’s the day that starts with a feeling that you just can’t shake. There’s no obvious answer to any question before you. The weight of it all makes it difficult to move your legs out of the bed, let alone try to walk. You have no idea what your clothes look like because you can’t see anything through the fog. Decisions? Can’t make them. Looking left and right for other answers does nothing but make you dizzy. These are the Give-Up-Days.

At some point during that GUDay, you probably find yourself fantasizing about packing up, closing down the business or quitting the job and just running away. BUT, there’s something inside that says “no.”  When you find that you’re having a Give-Up-Day, listen to the internal voice or spirit that reminds you of every tough day you’ve survived to get to this level.  Go back and acknowledge the successes you’ve had and how you’ve overcome hurdles to just make it to this point in your life. Get it all out – cry, scream, yell – whatever you need to move through the feeling to the point that you can actually see, move and walk again.  You will find inspiration.

While thinking about this post and looking for motivation, I was trying to decide how to end on the positive.  Almost on cue, my daughter sent me a link in IM and said, “Mommie, here’s the inspirational video I was telling you about.” She’d mentioned it a few days before and wanted to make sure that I saw it. I watched it at least three times.  Nothing I can say is more inspiring for us on the GUDays than Alex. Let’s do it!


2 comments on “Getting Through the GUDays!

  1. Sandra Harley

    GEE.. What an on-time message. A little encouragement goes a long way!

  2. Gina Maria

    Great story I’ll share with mommy to give her encouragement. I don’t know how I’ve survived without an iPad:)

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