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Today is Oneday 2012

Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.”        Benjamin Franklin

Pick a date.

I know you’ve been waiting for Oneday to get here. It’s the day you’ve planned to begin your business, start your lasting workout routine, take that dream vacation or even get your black dress pants hemmed. Oneday seems to be the perfect time to make your move.  But there’s something quite interesting – and problematic – about that day. Until now, it’s never found a place on your calendar.

 The typical seven-day week in this country hasn’t changed in centuries so the likelihood that it will shift in your lifetime is zero. Those seven days have names: Monday through Sunday.  The calendar is the first system children are taught in preschool or Kindergarten to provide order and predictability to basic life. Each room has the calendar with smiley faces and special tasks assigned to specific days or dates so that children know to expect. As we grow up we take those calendars with us in our phones or planners so that we don’t miss the important planned activities.

Here’s the big question: if you know the names of each day and month, if you’re clear about the dates on each calendar, why on earth are you scheduling your most important tasks for Oneday or its sister day “Soon”? Typically both days shift when you’re comfortable or when life is moving along smoothly. Then frustration, anger or discontent sets in because you’re tired of your boss, unmotivated by your job or discouraged by your dwindling bank account. You decide that it is officially “Oneday” and you begin to plan with the fervor of a man/woman possessed. You are determined! For just one day. After you’ve calmed down, you lose the energy and your dream is shelved again. It’s time to change that pattern.

Many great ventures began because someone was simply fed up so there’s nothing wrong with using a burr under your saddle as incentive. But that’s not why those ventures ultimately succeed. Planning, preparing and the mother of them all hard work are the tools necessary to move from pissed off to productive. A recent favorite story among hopeful entrepreneurs is the Spanx™ startup story. Sara Blakely took $5,000 and turned it into millions by working every day toward her goal. Because of her commitment to doing something for her business each day, she found the right mix of product and persistence that equaled the best outcome: PROFIT! Most stories don’t end as fabulously as Spanx, but there are many successful points between the personal start and finish line that will give you an incredible sense of accomplishment.

Your lifelong dream becomes reality when you realize that Oneday doesn’t exist. The word to use is “Today.” If you’ve penciled in your most important personal task for Soon, change it to “Now.” Pull out your calendar, write down your goal and get moving. Are you ready? It’s a date!

TIP: Test the productivity apps that can help you meet your goals.  One of my favorites is Evernote™. The app allows you to type, tag a photo or leave a voice memo on your phone.  All notes are immediately synced on the website.  DORO will share Evernote tips and tools, as well as other apps as we test them.   

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