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“How Do You Get Your Monies?”

Can you explain your business to a six year-old? I mean break it down into easy-to-understand chunks that get to the heart or core of your enterprise. A quick call from my precocious, inquisitive six year-old niece (cousin) Sydney required that I learn how to do just that.

Sydney at Rain Forest Cafe

Sydney’s an insomniac and figured out quickly that I don’t sleep much either. Whenever she can grab her Mom’s phone, she calls me with a list of questions that I know have been on her busy little mind. Last week, she wondered about the work I do.

When I answered the phone she asked what I was doing. I replied that I was working.  I’ll just do quick synopsis of the convo.

Sydney: Well how you’re always working but you’re at your house?

Mia: I do the work at my house using my computer.

Sydney: You don’t drive to a building every day?

Mia: No. I find out what people need. We speak to each other by phone or using email on the computer to send information to each other.

Sydney: Okay, so you use the Internet. They tell you what they need and you send it to them.

Mia: Yes, that’s it. I meet with my clients either at their office or my house and send them what they need over the Web.

Sydney: Well then how do you get your monies?

Clearly, she’s learned early that there’s a work-reward system. She’s also much more aware of the workings of the Internet than I expected. Sydney knows that when you do work you must be paid, or get your “monies.” Explaining that was somehow more complicated than describing the work I do. There’s the basic method. The clients send me a check or transfer funds over the Internet. But there are the bigger questions of how much “monies” do you get and how you demand what you’re worth? I think these questions may far extend her understanding but maybe not.  Once again, I must determine how to break it down into bite-sizable pieces that young kindergartners can understand.

Young Sydney’s logic is at the core of all business plans.

  • What do you do?
  • Where do you do it?
  • How do you get your product or service to people who hired you?
  • How do you get paid?

Stammering and stumbling on any one of these questions puts your business plan and your business in jeopardy. At any given moment, an entrepreneur or working professional must be able to answer these questions succinctly and confidently. It sounds easy to do until you’re nailed to the wall by a kid. But once you have solid, logical answers to the four questions, it’s easier to manage other scenarios that pop up.  I’ve run up against different situations – like moving – that impact at least one of the questions. While a client shouldn’t mind, they can get a little nervous. But if you can assure them that the answer to question #3 remains the same, then it’s much easier to maintain the client relationship.

We do have give Sydney a slight admonishment because she’ll ask any stranger any question that comes to mind.  Frankly, I don’t know if she’ll ever have the full filter that most folks have. On Saturday, she wanted to know just how she’s my niece. I couldn’t figure out how to explain the Southern family aesthetic so I just said, “Because I am.” I’m thankful for our late night chats. I’m glad she realizes that I will always answer her calls and answer the questions to the best of my ability. Now back to earning my monies.

2 comments on ““How Do You Get Your Monies?”

  1. Sandra Harley

    I really like this! It’s exact, direct, clear, and to the point!

  2. doromarketing

    Thanks, Sandra!

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