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We Need More Claire

This generation has no Claire! Yesterday, the social mediasphere was up in arms and tweets over a senseless, racist article about Black women. Responses ranged from pure outrage to scientific rebuttal to the classic shoulder shrug. We have a living, breathing role model of class and beauty in our own First Lady Michelle Obama. We’re lucky to have her. But where’s the Claire for this generation – and why don’t we demand it?

Through the wonder of Netflix, I watched much of the old Cosby show on the laptop over the past few months. It began as a nostalgic look back for me, then quickly my critical eye took over. The other characters were great, but Claire was a study in class, stern but loving parenting and sexiness. The playful banter between she and Cliff, often at the end of an episode with no words, set to beautiful jazz was something to witness. Next I noticed that I don’t see it anywhere anymore.

I was excited when Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy began with two smart, beautiful black women doctors – married with kids – were principle characters. They were soon divorced and almost dismissed as women in favor of them as mother figures. Some of that has been corrected but my heart was still hurt with the casting decisions. Why couldn’t Bailey stay married? I just gave up watching.

So maybe if we demand More Claire, writing such as the disrespectful crap we saw yesterday will barely make a ripple rather than starting a wave of drama. Here’s Claire!

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