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If you allow a business, even a successful one, to dictate the terms of your life, you will always find reasons to delay making the big personal decisions...” If Not Now When on by Meg Cadoux Hirshberg

Keeping it in Balance

This morning, I followed the instructions of yesterday’s productivity message by setting my own agenda before checking out the email and waiting texts. As I decided which tasks to add to list, I noticed an unsettling trend. All of the personal life tasks that need attention were being pushed down the list by the increasing workload. In some cases, it’s inevitable.

As columnist Meg Cadoux Hirshberg points out, there is little space carved out for the personal in the life of an entrepreneur. “Theoretically, entrepreneurs control their lives and schedules. But the exact opposite is usually true: Entrepreneurs are whipsawed by their businesses,” she writes when discussing the issues of building Stoneyfield Farms with her husband. Again the issue of managing productivity moved front and center.

Completing one more task, making one more phone call, sending that last email of the evening  – all of the to do’s that work their way into the bedroom at the end of the evening take away from important items that one must do for herself.

Trying to remind yourself of your own personal project tasks can be difficult. Hirshberg was married, supporting her husband’s vision but she also voiced the need to pay attention to work/life balance. If you’re single, no one’s there to pull the coattail to force a 3-day weekend in order to ultimately increase productivity. Thankfully, there are those like my twitter friend who make me promise to take time and then send me tweets like this one she sent last night: “glad you are taking the 5 you promised…gonna hold you to your promise on this one.”

Hirshberg suggests that there is no right time to do anything when running a business so she and her husband forced the time into the schedule. That family time and rest were crucial to their ultimate success.  We work better when our bodies and minds are rested and prepared to handle the day. Let’s add a challenge to be productive in our personal lives.

Today’s productivity challenge:

  1.  Add two personal tasks that you’ve avoided to your calendar.
  2. Set an end time to your work for the next three days.
  3. Delegate tasks that can better executed by someone else. 

Let’s make it work!

One comment on “Say When!

  1. Tanya Devereaux

    I have found that entrepreneuers that force themselves to work a 4 day week have been just a little more successful at balancing. Although they are never completely “off.”

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