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“Help! I Need Somebody”

‘Won’t you please, please help me?’ The Beatles Help!”

Busy, busy, busy!

The goal is productivity – not simply being busy. As I gain more experience as a business owner, I’ve learned the most important words to reach that optimal level productivity.  They necessary, but very simple:  “I don’t know and help.” While you don’t always have to use those words explicitly, one must be willing to acknowledge when there’s more research or information necessary. It’s liberating, stress-relieving and many times, a great cost-saving technique. Nine times out of 10, someone nearby or within two email questions knows the answer. Not using those words or asking for help can dig really deep holes that can kill a contract or career.

It’s great to read successful business owners and thinkers discuss the process. Jason Fried, co-founder of 37signals and author of Rework, penned an article on titled “How to Hire an Assistant.” In it, he wrote about his company’s search for an administrative assistant for the first time since its founding. Letting go of tasks that need to actually get done vs. live forever on a to-do list requires that we control freaks release some things. In a Harvard Business Review blog post titled, “The Words Many Managers are Afraid to Say,” Linda Hill and Kent Lineback  discuss the importance of asking questions AND listening to the answers.

Taking the time to understand the exact assistance or answer you need has to be the first action step in the process. I imagine the beginning of the process is reminiscent of a 12-Step meeting of some sort. I guess I’ll go ahead and start here.  “Hi, my name is Mia and I’m an overextended business owner.”

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This entry was posted on 05/03/2011 by in All About the Business.
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