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No Doubt!

It’s not an if or a maybe, it is absolutely going to happen.” Jennifer Darmon

Tell me something. What’s your NO DOUBT goal for 2011? Watching the video of Jennifer Darmon’s determination to walk down the aisle after a spinal chord injury presented me with the opportunity to look at my own dreams. How many people would have resorted to self-pity following such a tragic accident? Instead, she met the situation head on with resilience and without doubt. It’s tough not to ask they why-me questions, and I’m sure Jennifer did ask them.

But she also got up leaning on whatever assistance was necessary, worked her way to her therapist and put in the hours upon hours to make her self-selected dream a reality. That story will be the strong foundation upon which I’m sure she’ll build an incredible future with her supportive new husband.

VIDEO: Paralyzed Jennifer Darmon Walking Down the Aisle

Measured against that, my goals of moving to my next new city and opening a new office seem quite manageable. Losing weight? Hard work it is, but more importantly, it’s something I can handle. What we all need to do most is follow Jennifer’s example and speak in terms of absolutes. NO ifs. NO maybes. YES to your individual will and resolve.

So hop to it! It’s only Tuesday, which leaves more than half of the week to work toward your personal goals.

Can you do it? ABSOLUTELY!

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