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Right On, Right On!

That uncompromising-enterprising-anything-but-tranquilizing-right-on-Maude!  Donny Hathaway singing the Theme Song from Maude”

Inspiration – where do you find it? As much as we talk about the horrors of too much television, I’m grateful for the open door to the world that TV provided me growing up. Growing up in the very rural south with few real models of success in the community, TV provided city sightseeing, career days and fashion shows all in one. In the 70’s, sitcoms featuring prominent, strong female characters led prime time. Bea Arthur’s Maude was one of my favorites, mostly because I loved singing the theme song. The flash of images of her in myriad situations opened the show – all with her taking charge and prepping for a witty comeback.

Last night, trying to push myself away from the playoffs and back to the actual work that pays off, I needed a spark. How in the world the last line of that theme song came to me, I do not know! But it worked.

Uncompromising. Enterprising. The words continue to be motivational and hearing one of may favorite voices, Donny Hathaway, singing them in my head gives it an extra kick. (I still want to know the story behind that one – – just how on earth did they choose Donny to sing that one – but I digress.) Back to the inspiration.

Last night, a TV show’s lyrics pushed me over the wall, reminding me of my power. The ending – Right On, Maude! – added the soulful jive that forever changed the way the nation speaks. Of course, I would take the liberty to add my own-self’s name at times. I believe, as I push through on business ideas, it’s necessary to become even more uncompromising and enterprising. Find inspiration wherever necessary, in whatever form it takes to push you over the hump and through the wall. Are you with me? Right On, Mia!

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