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So You Think You’ve Got Hustle?

Alyssia Cook is not your average 12 year-old girl. She’s dreamed of playing basketball for her middle school team and will get just one shot at it.  Grand Rapids Press columnist Tom Rademacher tells the poignant story of how Alyssia wanted to simply play hoops for a team, but due to a congenital condition, her body won’t allow for that to happen. Rademacher’s article chronicles a lifetime of pain and surgeries – after Alyssia was adopted by loving parents from an orphanage in Russia. Recently,  doctors informed her family that she would need life-altering surgery. The decision was left up to Alyssia as to whether to shorten both legs or amputate one completely. She chose the latter, believing that she received a sign from God.

Alyssia saw her future. She saw herself happy with active, vibrant children of her own. “Someday. I want to be able to show my kids that I played basketball with both legs,” said Alyssia. Her grandfather recorded her game – and what a game it was. A layup, two steals, and she made her first free throw – we’re still waiting on some NBA’ers to show as much heart, right?

That game was a pivotal moment for the middle schooler who wanted get on the court and hustle with her teammates.  “I wanted to play with the real team,” Crook told “I wanted to be part of something. And when I grow up, I want to be playing with my kids, not a spectator.” Sitting on the sidelines, watching life go by is NOT in the cards for Alyssia. A spiritual connection has steadied her resolve and will be what she relies on when the days and nights get tough. What we can learn from Alyssia is twofold:

1. Know how to listen to your spirit and connect with the higher power to get every ounce of strength you need to make it through tough times.

2. Look into the future, believing that you can create the life of your dreams. Many are focused on the loss of her limb – she’s prepping to live her LIFE!

Just give me half of her hustle! We’re all pulling for you Alyssia.

[Click HERE to read full article.]

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