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Open Your Eyes … Imagine Success

“I start where I want to end – what does it (success) look like.” Monique Greenwood 3/6/11

Greenwood Post #2

Do you ever wonder why people tell you to close your eyes when they want you to picture something? Imagining your success, I believe, requires you to keep your eyes – and your mind – open. When Monique Greenwood spoke about her vision for The Mansion at Noble Lane, she could clearly see every accessory and describe it for us in elaborate detail. Without photos or Powerpoint, Greenwood spoke with crystal clarity about a fully operational, profitable business in the Poconos. Can you speak about your business/goal with the same specificity? What do you believe it will be?

Keep Watch Over Your Dreams

I have a sheet that outlines what DORO will be. I created the plan more than four (4) years ago and wrote it down, then tucked it away in a file. At certain points, I would bring it out as a point of reference. Following the tea, I realized that I need to see that plan every day and expand the vision past the paper. Seeing that well-functioning, influential, profitable office in my head isn’t a dream that I should only see when I close my eyes. I’ve got to see it while walking through each day so that I can recognize the opportunities to make it happen as they present themselves. Similar to how Greenwood noticed the out-of-business sign at the Gold’s Gym when she was trying to determine how to outfit the fitness center, we must look for the tool/resource that will help us move closer to the next level of our goals.

We’ve got the weekend coming up and even if you have to work over the two days, please do the following:

  1. Set aside time to imagine your success.
  2. Look around you for opportunities to support your vision.
  3. Write your vision down in case your memory gets hazy.
  4. Dream it bigger. Better.  In vivid detail.

The journey toward the life we’ve imagined holds treasures each step of the way. If you close your eyes, you’re sure to miss them.

2 comments on “Open Your Eyes … Imagine Success

  1. Sandra Harley

    I thoroughly enjoy relaxing with the “Porch”. Keep up the great work!

  2. doromarketing

    Thank you for the encouragement Sandra!

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