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Direction – Keep Going?

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading. Lao Tzu

Which Way is Up? Or Right?

Do you really want to go there? The ultimate destination to which your current path is leading you – is it where you’d like to end up? The current course could be a career path, relationship, spiritual path … there are many choices. Curiously, we often look up and find ourselves walking aimlessly down a road because it was just there – visible and easy to navigate. Never mind that it offered absolutely nothing of the life, world or career we would choose if asked about our dreams and goals. It was simple. That is until the day that the simplicity actually complicated your existence. Sleep didn’t come as easy, and every detail about your surroundings felt like a burr in the saddle, causing just enough discomfort to keep you on edge throughout your entire day. Before you knew it, something in your spirit kept asking you the big question: should you change direction?

A change in direction may require a radical transformation of your complete circle – your city, your profession or even your relationships. Heck, we all know people who have even changed their names. Or your shift could be as simple as saying “yes” to the spiritual guidance you’ve been avoiding all along. Sometimes, the answer to the first question – do you really want to go there – is a resounding yes! We see evidence of individuals living powerful, happy lives and wonder how or why. Most often, it was merely a matter of listening, of paying attention – or keeping on keeping on.

Over the next week, I’ll take a look at this topic in all its forms. Direction. It really is a loaded word. First, there’s the basic plot/point on a map. Next, there’s that nebulous internal thing that critics often refer to by saying, “She has no direction.” Then there’s the instruction that someone else gives you, expecting that you follow blindly. “How well does he take direction?” is often a first question asked when a potential employer seeks a reference. You can either see it, have it or follow it. Let’s see what we can do with it over the next few days.

READERS:  Give me some direction! If you know of an inspirational story or would like to share your own tale of a new direction, then by all means email or comment below.

LISTEN: One of my absolute favorite KEEP GOING songs aptly named, Keep on Going by Vivian Green!

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