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Is This the End?

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Neale Donald Walsch

Let's move.

Happy 2011! We officially made it through the first decade of the new millennium. I’d love to add relatively unscathed; however, it was a tough 10 years for many of us. You’d have to live on a deserted island to miss the daily reports of housing issues, employment concerns and health problems experienced by millions of people in the country. Given these economic dips and shifts, many of us have stepped foot outside of the comfort zone that existed much of the early 2000’s – others of us were kicked out. This begs me to question: do these forced shifts signal the beginning of a new life?

Choosing to move from your daily comfort zone is difficult. Being forced outside the known routine can be downright painful. Looking for higher ground with solid footing takes some serious introspection and self-exploration, which can be an unkind, demanding process. As many of us move through this process, it’s critical to keep positive energy around you. There’s no need to spend too much time with people who tell you that you’re destined to fail. That’s not to say that you want a cheerleading squad. You do want honest, supportive comrades who point out the pitfalls – – but you don’t want detractors who create those pitfalls. So are you ready to begin the new life before you?

The first step in answering that question is to decide what this new life looks like to you. Is it a new career? A new relationship?  It took me a while to put 2 and 2 together, but I recently realized that I typically redo my hairstyle at the onset of a life transition. These uncomfortable transitions may start with my hair, but they’ve moved me across the country and compelled me to begin new ventures. The shifts force me to deal with issues critical to my future, such as my health and stability. Frankly, I don’t always want to deal with those issues.  I’d much rather be in a comfortable kitchen baking or cooking while watching football instead of deciding on medical options or financial plans. But I’ve been kicked out of that comfort zone. The past two years I’ve roamed, looking to regain my position of strength. Some days are easier than others, but all are difficult and require my full, dedicated effort because I can’t allow myself to settle in the “less than” spot – that’s less than I want, deserve or need.

So come on folks. I don’t know if there’s a yellow brick road that we can follow, but I do know that I like shiny shoes. We can click our heels along the tough path until we stand in our comfortable, newly created lives. Please check in along the way.

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