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Make the most of your regrets. … To regret deeply is to live afresh.” –Henry David Thoreau

I will make more baseball games! (Mommie & Taylor '07)

Are you ready to usher in a new calendar year? As we begin 2011 with brand new resolutions, haircuts, clean houses and black eyed peas, it’s time to look at another area: your regrets. Often, the regrets tell us what we truly wanted from a moment, person, or situation. The older we get, the deeper the disappointment seems to go. That’s only if we let it, though.

If we grow bolder as we age, we have the chance to tackle those regrets in a positive, productive manner. Some specific opportunities won’t come around again. Those are called lessons. However, those that do present themselves will require that we harken back to the moment of regret to muster every ounce of courage available to make certain that this one doesn’t become one of those coulda-shoulda moments. The moment may be with a subject or person completely different than the first time, but you’ll know it when you see it. Something in your soul will stir, and you’ll feel that you have the power to change the end of the story. Some will have happy endings, others will just finally end, giving you a more peaceful, healthier starting line for the next phase.

So get ready, 2011! We’re bringing it hard. We won’t miss the God-given chances to love hard, strive passionately, learn well and laugh very, very loudly.

One comment on “Live Afresh

  1. Smi-Jack

    Majority of my regrets are what perpelled me to majority of my successes. But the regerts of others that are in my immediate surrondings is why i strive so hard to be successful. As if I need to take up the slack or make up the stagger.

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