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Impossible? Ask HOW Not IF – TE Day 5

Nearly every (w0)man who develops an idea works it up to the point where it looks impossible, and then (s)he gets discouraged. That’s not the place to become discouraged.Thomas Edison

I understand what Edison means here. When you reach that single, clearly impossible point – and you inevitably reach that point in any stretch goal – it’s so easy to become discouraged. That single point of impossibility is where you need to draw upon every ounce of will and belief you have available. If that means you need to call a friend who knows how to prop you up or talk you through, then that’s what you do. If it means grabbing the favorite quote or watching a favorite movie line, then that’s what you do. Whatever tactic you use to make certain that your belief and will are stronger than the urge to chuck it all, then THAT is the thing that you MUST do.

Recently, I watched an online video of Larry Page, a founder of Google, as he discussed being an entrepreneur. After discussing the importance of waiting for the best talent and becoming experts in your field, he brought up something he’d learned in a seminar: “Have a healthy disregard for the impossible.” Bottom line, it’s the same thing Edison instructed which is to go past that point where most would define your goal as impossible. Like in an earlier TE post this week, be ready to be called whacky or out of touch by loved ones who don’t trust your vision.

Perhaps you must be slightly “touched” to walk squarely up to that point of fatigue, take a deep breath, and kick past it. Craziness may actually be a requirement, because the standard sane individual dare not waste energy on what appears to be impossible. But you, as a dreamer and believer, you know that’s the exact place at which you must devote all of your energy.

Some days I say, “Really, Mr. Edison?” There are situations that arise that would prompt me to argue this directive,  but again he’s correct. Once I had to will myself to work on a project that seemed to stretch to eternity. The good news is that it didn’t . Like any other project, there was an end in sight, even if I had to first imagine what it looked like.

So when you get there this month, pick your most workable route and move past it. I swear there’s something I find each calendar month to make my mind race. But when I step back and begin with “How it can be done” vs. “If it can be done,” the difference in the result is astonishing.

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