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Show It: TE Day 4

What you are will show in what you do.” Thomas Edison

Have you heard someone say, “I’m a professional?” What did you think when you heard it? Did you immediately begin to size them up to see if they’re living up to the label? I assume that you don’t always take folks at their word. While the person may be truly the consummate professional, you’ll tend to make your own determination, typically as a result of a direct working relationship. That said, what do your constituents think of you?

Sit with that question for a second – how often have you heard your own self declare a profession, a personality trait or a skill only to move away from the task of living it out? If a chef doesn’t cook for people she doesn’t know, then it’s time to rethink the name. If an engineer can’t add, he may choose to label himself differently.

QUESTION: Do you do what you say you do?

When you wake up every single day with the gift of time and individual ability, you must put into practice that which have declared as your title. You must also give it your absolute best.

An arrogance often comes with comfortably wearing your label for years and that can be the undoing of those years of commitment. For example, I once submitted a writing sample and there was a single typo – that one stuck in the gut. I use a proofer, but in this particular case, I was moving quickly and thought I had mastered it. I was wearing the label “writer”  but added proofer, assuming I had it covered. While the work was good, and the error didn’t cost me the contract, it still stung. I forced myself to stop and rework my material. (More importantly, I called the person who is an “expert proofreader.”) I learned once again – let my writing show that I’m a creative person; hire the proofer to show that I’m a smart creative person.

There’s also the problem of letting others give you a name – “you’re the best planner, you do the party. You’re best artisan, you build the table.” Assuming the titles given by others is as detrimental as assuming a false identity – and it could have greater penalty. Living out others’ naming can lead to a lifetime of unhappiness. So ultimately, you must decide who you are and then live it.

Moving from that thought to reality takes guts, prayer, confidence, belief and a host of other helping aids. But once you begin to live out your full self, it’ll be clear to all concerned who you really are. You won’t have to announce yourself or your intentions. They will be clear as a bell.

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