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Astound Yourself. Edison Day 2

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” Thomas Edison

When is the last time you looked in the mirror, grinned and said, “yeah, I rocked that!” I’m talking full out, popped your collar with the requisite head nod to signal to yourself that you were actually proud of yourself. If you can’t remember, then it’s time to set a new plan in motion.

To begin, you must acknowledge your abilities every last one of them. Sometimes, that requires trying something new just to see how good you are at it. Each one of us brings something special to this earth that no one else can match. What may seem small or inconsequential to you could have a major impact on the work of someone else. But often, we stop at the easy thing and don’t push to the limits of our capability. We’ll stop at the thing that gets a few pats on the back versus push ahead to something that takes us to a new level, all because we’re afraid of failure.

In order to astound yourself, you must walk out on the ledge, grow your wings and get ready to fly. It won’t happen by sitting comfortably in a space that amazes others. Those ideas that spring up in your mind, the daydreams you have of the places you could go, the pictures you draw of what your world could look like? — Only YOU know how vast and deep they go. To determine to live up to your capabilities is probably one of the scariest decisions you’ll ever make. And it is a decision. It’s also necessary to fulfill your life contract that says you must in some way leave this earth better than you found it.

Now, set your intention. Find a mirror. Get ready to grin.

One comment on “Astound Yourself. Edison Day 2

  1. Tanya

    My Granny used to say “its a sad frog that won’t praise his own pond.” I wondered what it meant until I got older and started living beneath my own expectations. This is a very good reminder. Thanks!

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