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Pres. Obama Should ______ Business

President Obama

An answer to this fill in the blank question depends on many factors: location, business sector, your rainy day fund and how many rainy days you’ve weathered in this economy. Recently, Dave Logan wrote that Mr. President owes the entrepreneurs of the country an “I’m Sorry” and a hearty “Thank You.”

ARTICLE: Dave Logan’s “The Two Things The President Needs to Say to Business

Comments on the post ranged from “here! here!’ to a “you gotta be nuts!” I fall somewhere in between. I read the post right after a spirited discussion with fellow biz owner Donna Maria Coles Johnson. When we speak, the conversation can last for hours but has only two topics: is your family good? Yes? (3 minutes) Okay – then the rest is based on the challenges we face as we attempt to grow our enterprises.

I have never been so attentive to Senate hearings and congressional findings as I have over the past couple of years. We were spoiled in the Internet Gold Rush that spanned the decade marking the changing of the century. For the 99’ers , building a business seemed as simple as getting a URL. Then all of a sudden, the bottom fell out. Many of the virtual sign posts have come down and folks are moving back into the rhythm of a daily 9 – 5 – everyone but those business owners who hire them. They’re typically working 8 – 9 before hitting the late night shift. If I get a full night’s sleep these days, you’d think I spent a week in Paris. But I don’t know if I need to hear anything from my President.

More importantly, I need to see action and focus. Having lived in DC these past ten years, I don’t trust government to do too much for me. Pennsylvania Ave only reflects what we, the true power brokers, take the time to demand. If the President says I’m sorry, but then raises taxes and makes it more difficult for me to hire help, then they are just empty words.

I’ll have to think more about the word I’ll add to the sentence so I’ll add it to my long to-do list. Right now, I just don’t have the time to worry about it.

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