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What’s My Name … 16 Companies’ Unique Names

What’s in a name? People think about what to name their company each and every day. Some pay thousands for studies and consultants who break down the psychosocial benefits of the suggestions. Others merely use what popped in their head while walking down the street or the natural outcome of friendly banter. The dot com environment has prompted many to come up with 6-8 letter names, making it easy for customers to remember. Google, Skype, Yahoo! and Facebook are some of those most familiar to the international net audience. But what about some of those familiar brands we Gen X’ers and older grew up with?

On the American Express Open Forum, there’s a quick look at 16 companies that are now a part of the everyday U.S. language. Some of them you’ve probably heard many times before, but others may surprise you. If nothing else, the stories will help you as you work to name your next company or service.

How 16 Companies Got Their Names

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