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New Business – Go Get It!

“We’ve got to go get this.”
Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics

No limit.

Before game 6 of the Cleveland Cavaliers-Boston Celtics NBA playoff series, Paul Pierce stood in the middle of his Celtics teammates and gave them an order. He’d didn’t say let’s just go do our best. He didn’t ask them to give all they had. That level of effort was expected – players understood that walking into the Garden. What he wanted to make explicitly clear was one important fact – no one was going to give them anything.

Today’s business owner must understand that sense of urgency and use it. Adrenaline, Purpose, and Courage are necessary right alongside those other growth requirements: Assets, Performance, and Capital. The rollercoaster nature of most every market today keeps the C-Suite™ on edge. CEOs, contractors and consultants – members of the C-Suite – face considerable competition today as the self-employed marketplace expands due to layoffs and underemployment. How can you reach customers with an increasingly crowded landscape? You must go find them – you must take Pierce’s advice and “go get it!”

One way to reach your audience is to take command of today’s social media tools. According to Donna Maria Coles Johnson, an award winning home-based business advocate and CEO of Indie Business Media, multi-directional engagement is required to achieve in every industry today. “Today, regardless of your business, you are also in the publishing business. Companies that use multiple media outlets to produce content that matters to their target customers will surpass companies that do not do so. In fact, businesses that are not doing this now are already quickly becoming irrelevant.” Donna Maria believes so strongly in this notion that she offers “The Media Is You,” a one-day intensive training session for small business owners who want to fully embrace their power as content publishers.

Whether you choose to publish and develop your own content as Donna Maria suggests or you prefer to hire someone to do it for you, know that it must be done. The shingle outside the door and web page are not enough to bring in an enterprise sustaining customer base.

PLEASE NOTE: I am a Los Angeles Lakers fan. But like any good marketer, I respect great competition.

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