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PEPSI’s Down For the Cause: No More Super Bowl Ads!

Since 1987, sports fans have watched Pepsi launch innovative ads during the NFL’s Super Bowl. Just last year, Pepsi was the largest advertiser at one of the world’s top sporting events. After this year, the company will move its dollars to more cause-related marketing, including a significant increase in online spending. Reportedly 98.7 million fans watched last year’s matchup between the champion Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals. That’s a large number of captivated viewers to pass up.

Something about this new “Every Pepsi Refreshes the World” campaign feels knee jerk to me. The beverage saw a volume decline of 7.3% during the first nine months of 2009. The strategists behind the campaign feel that a :30 spot can’t fully communicate the company’s goals. It didn’t work last year as the company used its $100,000 per second ad to launch Pepsi Max, a diet drink aimed at the male audience. Perhaps that’s the impetus behind this decision.

I fully expect to see a halftime Pepsi web event or a game lead-in campaign in 2011. I can’t imagine that they’d give up all those onlookers completely. We’ll have to see how it all pans out.

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